Event spaces for the intimate and the epic

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Weddings, milestone celebrations, workshops and lifestyle retreats.

With a range of flexible, versatile locations including absolute beach-frontage, tropical gardens and striking timber pavilions, H.B.H can host events from ten up to 100 people.

A dedicated event planner and onsite stylist work closely with every client to create beautiful, effortless events in the signature H.B.H style.

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The tropical wedding of dreams

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Start with a grand entrance framed by lush, green landscapes, the pristine waters of the ocean and the untouched beauty of Vanuatu. Finish with a party bathed in the golden warmth of a breathtaking sunset.

The talented H.B.H styling team can bring any vision to life… hand-woven lanterns hanging in the palm trees, flickering candles lighting a path to the beach, tables dressed for a delicious meal ahead. H.B.H packages can be tailored to suit any requirements.

Bringing the world to Vanuatu

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Invite guests to join in the magic of Vanuatu at Havannah Boat House, an idyllic backdrop to support collaboration and learning.

Especially designed to accommodate all kinds of workshop events, H.B.H offers a choice of venues across THE RESIDENCE, THE BOAT HOUSE and THE MAKING PLACE with accommodation offers and cultural experiences to ensure every event is a complete success.

A retreat in paradise

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Located in remote Havannah Harbour, far from the madding crowds, visitors to H.B.H are welcomed with a sense of serenity and peace. The only distractions may be the sigh of the ocean, the whisper of wind through the leaves or perhaps, the sound of children’s laughter carried on the wind.

The H.B.H team can arrange every detail, or assist only when needed in creating a retreat that is completely private and grounded in the beauty of Vanuatu.

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