More to experience at H.B.H

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2 hour Pottery Experience as a group with your Host, Brent Malessas.

Lap Lap Friday Night
Children are invited by the Chefs and H.B.H team to create Lap Lap from scratch and serve the parents with their creation for dinner.

Join the H.B.H musicians to learn how to play on some traditional ’string band’ instruments and perform for the parents.

Activities Requested
The following activities will be booked onsite in consultation with your Hosts, Brent and Tomi:

– Banyan Tree Mama Massage – $30pp

– Banana boat with ni-Vanuatu Captain – $30 per hour

– Blue Hole adventure with H.B.H picnic – $300.00
Leave 10am and return by 2pm – 4 hours
H.B.H Adventure Guide
Picnic lunch and esky with cold beverages

– Chef ‘Lokal Mamas Market’ Tour followed by a Cooking Class – $100pp.

Additional Suggested Activities
The following activities can also be booked in consultation with Brent and Tomi onsite:

– Additional pottery with resident potter, Brent Malessas – $100.00 per person

– Fabric painting with Kathy. Paint a t-shirt and/or paint a family tablecloth with a napkin for each family member – $100.00

– Weaving – Sit on a mat under the shade of the Making Place trees with Nellie and listen to her ‘storien’ about growing up on Lelepa whilst learning how to weave with pandanus – $30.00

– Wood carving – Watch Steven carve a wood pidgin and listen to his ‘storien’ about ’time before’ when people used hand-carved wooden canoes – $30.00

– Foraging & Cooking – Join head chef, Charles Viasgone for a foraging expedition and picnic in the bush beside Creek Ei – $50.00

– Giant Clams and Lelepa School Visit – Snorkel over the protected giant clams with a talk about marine conservation. Visit Lelepa school and have a tour of the classrooms to better understand how life is for children on the islands
– $70.00

– The Legend of Chief Roi Matta – Visit the sacred caves on Lelepa and hear all about the ancient legend of Chief Roi Matta – $50.00pp

All additional charges are payable via online direct debit in AUD prior to departure please.

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