H.B.H Weddings

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Havannah Boat House (H.B.H as we affectionately refer to it), was designed by the award winning Troppo Architects. This private tropical estate is sited on absolute beach front, that you travel to through the winding hill road of Efate Island, down a short side road, and then you arrive, through exquisite tropical gardens to Havannah Boat House. H.B.H unfolds in front of you, it takes quite a few minutes to take it all in. Lush plantings. The sea right in front of you. Beautiful, large, turquoise blue pool off the right, straight off the entertainment deck of the main residence, with a ‘lazing pool’ incorporated, should you not want to swim, but simply lie in shallow water, enjoy your drink in peace, and lap up the view. A large, shaded ‘Nakamal’ on the sand, with its own BBQ kitchen.

Surrounded by sea, deep green lawns and palm trees, is a testament to Troppo’s skills, and the owner’s vision. This is not a shiny, glitzy tropical beach house. This is a cool, dark wood, multi textured Vanuatu estate. All rooms are open to the outdoors, with screens and louvres ,encouraging cross breezes and glimpsed vistas, but all incorporating extremely sturdy, yet almost invisible mesh, to keep the outdoors firmly outdoors.

The approach we take with all events at H.B.H is much more consultative, resulting in a tailored and bespoke package designed by you which reflects what is important, relevant and of most value to you personally.

Our extremely talented and creative team at H.B.H. will bring your vision to life, as well as make some suggestions to have the full H.B.H. experience – hand-woven lanterns in palm trees, flickering candles lighting a path to the beach, beautifully styled tables for a decadent dinner that will start at sunset and slide into the deep velvety warmth of the Vanuatu night.

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